Week 29 Withdrawls In Newberry

from by Crock Cosell & Walter Kronkite

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(Crocker Verse)
/All in my head, that's all where I stay/ I think, I don't think, I'm at a loss at what to say/ Everything I love, I go and take it for granted/ Pound it into dust, wipe my face with the granite/ Work open heart surgery on this canvas/ No sterilizing, an infection can manage/ Guess I plead for sabotage.../ Guess I fiend for that barrage.../ They tell me lighten up, as if I don't get it/ Like this is all an act, I just need the attention/ Like more than fucking fifty of you pay it a listen/ Yeah....this is all for attention.../ Is there where I stall at?, plateau out/ Where life says time, take the asshole out/ Work job here, job there, fall into obscurity/ Drink up, drug out, friends aren't even sure of me/ Trailer in the cut, smells of urine and liqueur/ Wood panel walls, in need of some fixtures/ Mattress on the floor, ashtray is beside it/ Food on the floor, with the laundry and wiring/ Die of some disease that bleeds out slowly/ So I feel it every day, like a could right o'er me/ And I’ll do it alone......./ Yeah, it'll do it alone/ Sounds fantastic, true asshole fashion/ Just another round of some white trash static/ Write till I’m catatonic ‘tween punching a clock/ Swallow gin & tonic’s, regurgitating the rot/ Swerve, jerk another nerve into to a knot/ As if I’ll find a random word that’ll serve me a stop/ God if you hear me, the joke’s getting old/ Attracting dust mites, maybe gathering mold/ Blather on and on, incoherently rambling/ Now either life’s bad or my sanity’s scrambling/ Or having a tough time with my vanity managing/ Or maybe it’s all just the man in me’s scampering/ Teehee, teehee, Crocker is emo/ Watching Rome burn as I fiddle with Nero/ Impetuous, incredulous, formulating exodus/ Nurse another cigarette and then wrestle with hesitance/ Beat a dead horse, like there’s life left in it/ Soon It’s gonna end, just give me one more minute/ Purse my lips into a grimace while I swallow my Guinness/ And redefine addiction and paying a penance/ Stewing on the seeds and the place where I lost em/ Somewhere between here and a bar down in Austin/


from The McCarthy Era Vol. 2, released January 14, 2014



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Crocker Spartanburg, South Carolina

Co-Founder of LVLRN RCRDS (Lovelorn Records).
Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Cracker
Spartanburg, SC Native.
Marxist Gnostic.

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