Week 22 The Missing Speech

from by Crock Cosell & Walter Kronkite

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(Crocker Verse)
/Now we're bombing Libya, helping out the rebels/ Working class and college students wanting something better/ Tiring of the tyranny, I hope Obama's sincere/ Cause if it's from the heart, I almost wish that I'da went there/ Love and admiration, tell hell with all the politics/ Sick of suit & ties after prominence that's posturing/ Then wanna speak for God, Jesus Christ, Or Allah/ Agenda laden sons try and fake the role of Fah-Jah/ Congratulations Egypt, stood up for their freedom/ Shouts out to Tunisia, they wouldn't take it either/ Couldn't speak up for the people for fear of the policing/ A right we take for granted, as if they'd come and seize us/ Sad that in this country that corrupt precedes a leader/ As soon as one has parked, they soon forget that there's a meter/ Staring out the window, pretend the view is scenic/ Half the time I hear a poignant thought, I wonder if they mean it……/ Now they killed Osama, that only took a decade/ Think of all the lives we lost, think of all the mess made/

(Kronkite Verse)
/Governing the people, looking through the peep hole/ 4 more for the patriot, no more for the steeple
War will keep us together,... alive/ Until we reach the end where all my brothers die/ And I thank god for the militants/ Praise Allah for they ignorance/ I try to drown them out/But the water just keep on lifting them/ And the fire keeps us burning/ And the crooked keep on earning/ I gotta couple charges/ I should learn to quit burning them/ My life is like a chess game/ America's like a cess pool/ We don't go hand in hand/ But what else am I do/ So I kill another cell before I go to hell/ With another funny drink, should've saved it for bail/
As the rest look at me like "another bum who smells?"/ My country' tis of thee, as long as that shit sells/
/So I wave off the anger as another lonely teen/But I grew up in a country that won't let me free/


from The McCarthy Era Vol. 2, released January 14, 2014



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